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Bishop &

Eleanor Graves' Library Project

About the project.

Bishop Michael and Eleanor Graves

Bishop Michael Lee & Lady Eleanor Graves


So Send I You, Inc. has announced plans to construct a library to support the theological education of young pastors in Durban, South Africa.  The anticipated state-of-the-art multi-purpose facility will celebrate the life and legacy of the late Bishop Michael Lee Graves, the visionary founding pastor of the Temple Church, Nashville, TN. The beautiful building will contain the library, a conference center, computer labs and office space for visiting pastors, missionaries and lecturers.


Bishop Michael Lee Graves was a mentor, a visionary, a masterful preacher of the gospel, an educator, an astute administrator and a loving Pastor. 


He believed in the importance of education. He loved mentoring young people, especially seminary students. There are hundreds of “sons and daughters” that are beneficiaries of his knowledge, wisdom and love.  


He was a scholar. He loved books, read constantly and collected an extensive library of thousands of books. These books will be donated by his wife to this library. Dr. Eleanor Newhouse Graves, also an educator, has a heart for young people and believes these books will bless many. 


This project is a wonderful opportunity for those persons impacted by the life of Michael and Eleanor Graves and/or interested in supporting the theological education of young Ministers - while building a legacy of love and scholarship from the United States to Africa.


Temple Church (Nashville, TN) 

First Cathedral (Hartford, CT)

St. John Baptist Church

(Savannah, GA)

Walker Memorial Baptist Church (Bronx, NY)

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